Friday, March 15, 2013



Is it positive for you?
Why to so many of us eating means something negative?

Actually eating is one of the biggest pleasures in life.
Enjoy it.
Listen to your body.
Take your time.
Food is wonderful.

Below is the recipe for swedish wonderful potato dumplings or Kroppkakor how they call it. I made my own version of this classical dish.


600g boiled potatoes (not the new ones)
100g flour
1 egg
200g mushrooms, chopped
1 onion, chopped
1 garlic clove, chopped
1 little chili, chopped
1tsp salt
oil or butter
100g creme fraiche

Mash the potatoes well or press them through a potato ricer. Wait until totally cold. Add flour, egg and salt and mix everything together.
Fry onions and garlic in a little oil or butter until soft. Add mushrooms and chili, salt and pepper. Fry another minute.
 Cut dough into 10-12 golf ball size or bigger pieces. Flatten each piece in hand and place 1 spoons of mushroom filling into the centre of the piece. Form it back into ball.
Boil the dumplings in a large pot of salty water about 10 minutes.
Fry the dumplings with some oil and leftover mushrooms.
I love to eat them with creme fraiche.

Fancy another filling than mushrooms? Check out Lovefoodies Flavour Dancing Dumplings that she did after my recipe above. She has some great fillings like moroccan and chinese.

This recipe is part of the Blog Hop: Recipe Sharing Monday.


  1. love the sentiment here. i am having the hardest time enjoying eating lately, but i have my own reasons...:p potato dumplings sound amazing!

  2. This Swedish recipe is indeed something one can try easily. I loved the fact that it has mushrooms (as I love mushrooms). Yumm!

  3. I love the photos you take! Those blueberries & pancakes on your header make me wish it was breakfast already hahah

    Follow back if you can :)