Friday, April 26, 2013

SANDWICH CAKE - Smörgåstårta

Smör means butter in swedish. 
Gås is a goose and tårta means cake.
So it is Buttergoosecake????
No no no :D.
Smörgås is sandwich and tårta is cake.
So sandwichcake.

12 slices white bread
12 slices dark bread

Gherkin mixture:
3dl pickled gherkins, diced
2dl creme fraiche

Salmon mixture:
500g smoked salmon, chopped
400g philadelphia cheese
2dl dill, chopped
2dl plain yoghurt
1/2 lemon, juice and zest

Cheese mixture:
200g philadelphia cheese
1dl plain yoghurt

wild garlic
4 hard boiled eggs
5-6 radish
Chives, chopped

Remove bread crusts.
Mix the salmon mixture.
Mix the gherkin mixture.
Mix the philadelphia cheese mixture.

Place 3 and 3 slices white bread on the bottom of a plate. Add half of the salmon mixture on the top of bread. Put another layer of dark bread on the top of salmon mixture. Add the whole gherkin mixture. Add another layer of white bread. Top it with the rest of the salmon mix. Add the last layer of dark bread.

Frost it with philadelphia/yoghurt mix.

Wrap the cake in cling film. Let it rest in the fridge overnight. 
Top the cake next day with eggs, wild garlic, radishes and chives.

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