Sunday, May 15, 2011


Couple of weeks ago I visited Vincent Klinks famous restaurant in Stuttgart, called Wielandshoehe. He is a well known chef in Germany who likes to cook from seasonal and local products. 98% of his products are bio. It was extremly yummy. Specially I remember his white asparagus with smoked salmon. I definitely have to say this is the best asparagus I have ever eaten :).

So of course after coming home the first thing I did was to buy a lot of asparagus and trying all kind of different recipes. Nami nam nam.

Here is one of my favorite ones. Asparagus sallad with rhubarb dressing. Very fresh and springy. And easy to make. The marinad is wonderful mix of chervil, parsley and chives in orange juice.



Serves 2

1 little diced red rhubarb
handful of chervil, chopped
handful of parsley, chopped
handful of chives, chopped
1 tbs almond oil
2 tbs orange juice
1-2 ts orange zest
1 1/2 tbs sugar
salt, pepper
700g white asparagus
1 tsp butter

Mix chervil, parsley, chives with almond oil, orange juice, orange zest, 1 tbs sugar, salt and pepper. Marinade rhubarb at least 2 hours in the mix.

To prepare the asparagus, snap of the woody ends before cooking and peel it. Cook the asparagus with rest of the sugar, salt and butter ca 10 min.

Cut the asparagus in little pieces and mix with the rhubarb marinade.

Guten Appetit!

Here is his restaurant website:

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