Saturday, June 18, 2011


This is the famous quotation from Kennedy's speech 1963 in West Berlin. At that time the city was divided in West and East. The wall in the middle of the city cut West Berlin completly off from East Berlin and East Germany.

I had the opportunity to visit the city June 2011 and enjoy free and united Berlin, its history and culinary highlights.

Here are some Berlin gourmet recommendations

Weltrestaurant Markthalle in Kreuzberg
Pücklerstrasse 34

German Cuisin

It should be so easy. I am in Germany, Berlin and would like to eat some good german food. Nope. It is not so easy to find real german food in Berlin. My local friend took me to this restaurant and I am happy he did. This place has everything - good homy food, great service and nice rustic atmosphere. I tried their famous schnitzel with fried potatoes "Bratkartoffel". It was crisp, crunchy and irresistible, the way a schnitzel should be. An the fried potatoes, fried in butter like my grandmother did. Pure heaven.

Yoli - frozen yoghurts

Berlin Mitte
Invalidenstrasse 112

Yoli is the first frozen "pop" yoghurt store in Berlin. The shop has a very cool white and clean interior with stylish minimalistic furniture. But the best is the frozen yogurt with different toppings. I found the yogurt taste very neutral and creamy. Perfect with a combination of some fresh berries and chocolate cream. There so many different toppings you can choose from, berries, buiscuits, müsli, chocolate etc.


  1. Berlin is just a great city! I remember that when I visited Berlin I did not had traditional German food. At that time I did not even thought about it but yes, you are right: it is not that easy. The schnitzel looks amazing!!!!!!

  2. I really liked Berlin. Will definitely go back there.