Tuesday, June 28, 2011


There is a beautiful Midsummer fairy tale of two eternal Nordic lovers, the beautiful girl called Dust and a handsome boy called Dawn. They only meet once a year, on the shortest night of the year and kiss briefly.

To wait the whole year for this one kiss. Wow. This has to be something special :).

For the midsummer buffet I made homemade butter and swedish flatbread called knäckebröd. Unbelievably easy and tasty.


500g heavy cream
Sea salt
1 little red chili pepper
handful chopped fresh chives

Process heavy cream with electric mixer until buttermilk separates from the solid butter. Pour off (or save) the buttermilk. Remove the butter from the machine, squeeze it into a ball and wash it under cold running water several times until the water runs clear.
Add seasalt, chopped red chili, chives and mix it all together.


150g flour
ca 50g water
sesame seeds
sea salt

Mix flour with salt. Knead together flour, sesame seeds and water until the dough is smooth. Add more water if necessary. Make little dough balls. Roll them out very thin on the floured surface. It is important that the dough is as thin as possible. Then bake each of them on the frying pan without oil until crisp on the both sides.

Enjoy with homemade butter.

Smakligt maltid!


  1. Oh wow this sounds fantastic!! Great blog by the way and so glad to be a new follower! :)

  2. Thanks Kelly. I like your light recipes.

  3. Wow! That looks amazing! Following you! I love the idea of homemade butter!

  4. Ann & Christine. Thank you. The butter is really easy done.

  5. oo wow. that looks so good, especially the homemade butter! i made homemade butter once but discovered too late it goes bad really fast! still very worth it though :)

  6. Thanks for the recipe and procedure for homemade butter! I use to make it with my grandmother when I was a kid, but that was in large quantities with milk straight from the cow. There's nothing better. For years I've always wanted to make my own butter and now I will. I will also have to try the flatbread, something I've never made. Thanks!

  7. Maren: I have made butter several times but it has always been eaten very quickly so I never have seen it getting bad :). But it is a good point.

    Mjskit: I hope you like the flatbread. It is easy to make. Let me know how it went.

  8. Yummy!! Knäckebröd is one of my favorites. I have never made it before but will try your recipe you make it sounds so easy. It sounds delicious. I want some now!! haha

  9. DeeBee, try it. Remeber to roll the out the dough very thin. Let me know how it went

  10. Home-made butter, I like to make that one day. It looks amazing and the picture of the butter is beautiful!!!

  11. Love the chili and chives in the butter - how inventive and delicious. Also took note of the Twain quote at the top of your blog - how perfect is that? Thanks so much; I'm going to sleep with a smile.

  12. I've never made my own butter but it sounds so, so amazing- especially with that flatbread. I'm going to have to give it a try soon!

  13. Homemade butter.....this deserves a moment of silence....so good.

  14. Kelly, I am happy I made you sleep with a smile :)
    Sarah, Give it a try. Let me know what you think

    Briarrose, lets have a moment of silence..and then eat the whole butter ;)

  15. How nice to discover your site! It is true; there are very few Swiss food bloggers.

    I particularly like this recipe. It would make be perfect for an apéro.

    Keep up the good work!