Sunday, October 6, 2013


Yeah I know.
My last blog post was in August.
I have a 100% job now and
a 1 year old toddler at home.
(and a husband :)
So I wish I was a superwoman.
(like my neighbour lady who has 3 kids and a perfect garden and wakes up 5am every morning to prepare breakfast for the family including the husband who makes his jogging tour 5.30 am every morning.)
I actually think she is not human but I have no proof yet.

So here it is:
Very nordic
very yum
traditional danish Smørrebrød.
25g butter
2.5 dl buttermilk
1 dl dark syrup
25 g fresh yeast
1 tsp salt
3.5 dl rye flour
3-3.5 dl plain flour
smoked salmon
boiled egg
Melt the butter and mix it with buttermilk and syrup.
Mix yeast with salt and add to buttermilk mix.
Add both flours and knead 5 minutes or use kitchen aid until the dough is nice and elastic.
Let rise for 45 minutes.
Knead another 5 minutes and let rise another 40 minutes under kitchen towel.
Preheat the owen into 200C/350F.
 Shape the dough how you want and bake in oven for 35-45 minutes.

Take a piece of bread, butter it and top it with a salad leaf, smoked salmon and boiled egg.